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Ich habe eine Liste von Entschuldigungen zusammengestellt. Vergnügt euch dran:

I have compiled a set of appologies. Enjoy:

  1.  My friend Sam once started his e-mail as follows after being silent for 4 months and being followed by another 4 months of silence on my side:

    “To not apologise here for such a blatant delay in writing a reply would be nothing short of heinous, so as with so many of my emails, I begin with a sorry! As to an excuse, I can offer few – limited wifi connection/ too much work, but in reality both of these aren’t really true. Truth is, I read your email about your possible trip to the UK in November/the possibility of teaming up for some mischief sometime in the near future, and was very excited...”

  2. Then I recently received a reply from another friend Rupert that does not appologize for delay but for brevity. I send him a meeting-up request after not having spoken for 2 or 3 years and not having seen him for much more than that. His e-mail starts like this:

    “thank you for getting in contact! please don't let the brevity of my  response be your measure of how great it is to hear from you again. i'm just too busy to write much right now!”


I’m still collecting more appologies to combine them into one little book of e-mail appologies. Maybe this project could be web-based and people just upload their appologies and possibly a little story to accompany it. If you happen to have any e-mails with importunating appologies, please impart some portions of them to me. What is your opinion: Brevity vs Delay?